Valdivia is a naturally beautiful town in the South of Chile that is surrounded by rivers, and steeped in history. Here people go at a slower pace, you will see horses walking in the streets & the produce markets are authentic and fresh.

The cuisine here is delicious, the beer is top quality and you can easily spend a few days wandering around this pretty city and the surroundings.

Prepare for rain as this part of Chile is wet, and can be cold. However, curling up in front of a wood fire is part of its charm.

To see

  1. Costanera – the coastal walk, full of lobos marinos or sea lions
  2. Feria Fluvial – the city food market that sells fresh seafood and other local produce. It’s fun to stand around and watch the fisherman cut the fish and throw the cut offs to the sea lions waiting nearby
  3. River cruise – next to Feria Fluvial you can get a budget river cruise of the many rivers in Valdivia, beautiful sights to see
  4. Jardin Botanico – this lovely botanical garden is situated next to the University Austral
  5. Various artesian markets selling products typical of the South in the city centre
  6. Travel to Niebla
  7. See nearby beaches & nature reserves
  8. A day spent walking the streets of this town is worth your while
  9. The broken bridge that hangs shamefully in error, never to be properly used over Cau-Cau river

Eating & Drinking

  1. Pica de Cochrane – this is a truly authentic, hole in the wall restaurant run by a Chilean family. Serving up traditional Chilean cuisine, with a set daily menu that provide a few different options. Great price, great taste, great portions and 100% real. We can’t get enough of this place. If you google maps ‘comida casera’ in Cochrane, Valdivia it will pop up.
  2. Feria costumbrista – this is situated in a nearby town called Niebla. A very traditional fair-like place that has great food, Chilean music and dancing. one of my FAVOURITES….
  3. Cervecería Kuntsmann – this famous Chilean beer is great quality + this is the birthplace. Travel out to this brewery and have a tasting plate of beer, and try crudo.
  4. Pullmay & the caldo – a large mix of seafood, chicken, sausage, and pork that is cooked in a large net bag. Great for sharing and the fragrant soup that comes off this is absolutely delicious. I actually recommend the soup on it’s own, especially if you are on a budget
  5. Empanadas – Feria Costumbrista serves up great cheese empanadas & cheese empanada combinations
  6. Anticucho – a skewer of meat with a piece of bread on top
  7. Cakes ! or kuchen – deliciously large slices on offer. Great slices at Feria Costumbrista
  8. Crudo – raw beef on white bread, with onions, a mayonnaise-like sauce, pickles & chilli. Sounds weird but is super good.
  9. Entrelagos – a magnificent chocolate shop with great display windows
  10. Seafood – any Valdivian seafood is delicious here

The surrounding sights to see

  1. Niebla ! – this village nearby has a fort with great views, a great fair with food, artesian crafts & music. There are also beautiful beaches (the water is cold)
  2. Pilolcura – a beautiful beach north of Valdivia, great at sunset
  3. Arboretum – a peaceful nature reserve with native Valdivian flora
  4. A drive from Valdivia to Pilolcura is a thing to do in itself, it tracks along the coast line and goes through beautiful rivers, forests and small towns