COVID-19 has affected everyone. Most of us have remained house bound for over a year, with international and domestic travel to a stand still. For people who live to travel, this can be hard. So, I’ve made a post about the top instragrams to follow (and stalk) to satisfy your wanderlust needs. Travel YouTuber post to follow. I particularly love overlanders (those who travel over land), so most of my top picks are people who go by car.

I’ve decided to group in terms of continent/region! Scroll through to whichever calls to you 🙂 We have our own instagram with shots from South America & Australia.

The World

First a special mention to those instagram accounts that have roamed far and wide.

Expedition Earth

Our top pick – Topher and Bridget have an amazing instagram account. This couple have travelled half of the globe in their Jeep called Gunther. They’re currently based in New Zealand due to COVID, but their story highlights are worth a stalk. They drove from the Arctic Circle to Ushuaia, through Africa, to Iceland, and then made it to the Siberian Arctic. Unfortunately, COVID hit before they could complete their next leg of the journey through Russia, the Middle East, and Australasia. Stay tuned though, for when they can resume their amazing adventure.

Photo: Topher & Bridget ExpeditionEarth.Live


A collation of top photos around the world. This instagram is worth a follow to keep your wanderlust dreams alive, and for noting down for future bucket lists.

Photo by @ilhan1077


With one photo more beautiful than the other, it was so hard choosing a picture by Ilhan. As you can see I chose one of his photos from the account earth above. He is a great photographer, definitely worth a follow.

Photo by Ilhan Eroglu

Ever changing horizon

Quin is an amazing photographer who shares his unique angle on the world. Follow him for some beautiful shots.

Photo by Quin from Ever Changing Horizon

The Globe Wanderer

An account that only posts the best of the best photos around the world. Definitely worth a look at if you are feeling bored at home. Save a few pictures for inspiration for your next holiday (once the borders open).

Photo by Max Rive Photography


Ben, Leah and Alaska (their dog) are full time overlanders who are seeing the world, in their VW Kombi of course. They also have a YouTube channel chronicling their adventures.

Photo: kombilifeadventures


An Australian couple who are planning to drive their Troop Carrier from Australia to the UK. Jolie and Mark have stunning photos from their trip so far, and a great vlog. They made it all the way to Iran, where they were terribly jailed. They have since been released, and are back in Australia during the pandemic. Despite this awful turn of events, this couple continue to share videos of their trip and still plan to complete their journey post COVID.

Photo: The Way Overland Jolie & Mark

Jess Wandering

This travel blogger is based in Seattle. Her instagram is very well curated, and she offers up travel guides in her bio!

Photo by Jess Wandering


Currently in South Africa, this man has been everywhere in his 4×4 landcruiser.

Photo by Follow The Hound


Dan Grec has been travelling for 5 years, seen 55 countries and traversed 95,000 miles. Tackling Africa, the Americas and much more. He also has a book and YouTube channel on tips for overlanding.

Photo by: theroadchoseme


See above travellers Expedition Earth and The Road Chose Me for African adventures!


From Dresden to South Africa, along the Westcoast of Africa. Follow this guy’s adventure in his 4×4 camper van.

Photo by ins.nirgendwo


Eamon and Bec

YouTubers and vanlifers, Eamon and Bec have travelled most places in North America. Prior to COVID they were exploring Europe and Morocco, which is all documented on their very bingeable YouTube channel. Give them a follow and look through their posts for some travel inspiration, while your sitting at home in another lockdown.

Photo by Eamon and Bec

Bound for Nowhere

MAK and Owen have been on the road since 2016. They’re currently travelling around North America. Their pictures speak for themselves.

Photo by Gondirtin


We met this Brazilian couple in Torres del Paine 2019. They are a tough creative pair who have done the whole loop of South America in their small Sandero. Most of the trip sleeping in the reclined front seats. It just goes to show that you have no excuse not to do that trip.

Photo by CrĂ´nicas na Bagagem

Where’s my office now

Emily and Corey are one of the most well known van lifers who started a movement. Remote working and travelling from your van. True freedom. As they say in their bio – anything is possible, nothing is guaranteed.

Photo by Where’s my office now


Professional photographers – Jaime and Monica are travelling the Americas in their VW Kombi. They have also acquired a cat called Amarilla (yellow) along the way. Starting off in Colombia, they drove all the way to Ushuaia. They are currently in Chile, and despite the pandemic, are continuing to take amazing photographs.

Photo by: a35mmporhora


Diego and Roana are a Brazilian couple travelling through the Americas, in their VW Kombi with their dog Zed. Serving some killer shots.

Photo by Enjoy Trip


Facundo and Carolina are Argentinians with the dream to drive the Pan-American Highway. They had made it all the way to Honduras, when COVID-19 hit. This hasn’t stopped them from taking marvellous photos, and stay tuned for when the borders open!

Photo by: almaskombinadas


Isa is a young Colombian woman travelling through South America. She started off as a backpacker, and is now doing her travels in a van. She posts regularly, and is actively travelling still. Currently based in Argentina. Isa also posts frequently on YouTube (she does English subtitles).

Photo by: Isa por ahĂ­

Mundo em Familia

Seriously, this Brazilian family is the cutest. I don’t know where they get their funds from, but they are driving around in a state of the art motor home. Basically a house on wheels, they even have a washing machine. Due to COVID they are travelling Brazil currently, but they were going all around South America before. Family goals.

Photo by mundo em familia

Our Home on Wheels

Giddi and Jace are a couple from the USA who have travelled North America and Asia with their little kid Juniper. They are currently based in Utah and not travelling as much, but it is worth looking back at their time on the road.

Photo: Our Home on Wheels


The Way Overland

As mentioned above, this couple have travelled most of Australia and Asia.

Photo by The Way Overland


Monique, Jasper and their dog Bowie are travelling around Australia in their 4×4. Follow them for stunning photographs and great aerial shots. True professionals.

Photo by Salty Travellers

Her and Harry

Hannah and Harry are travelling Australia in a converted school bus, they are also trailing a 4×4 and boat behind it. It’s fun to see their adventures, and how beautifully they converted this big bus.

Photo by Hannah and Henry

Lee Cook

New Zealand based photographer Lee Cook will serve you all the NZ inspo you need. Cuddle up at home and peruse through his shots to write down your next travel bucket list.

Photo by Lee Cook


Thailand based photographer Will posts stunning shots of Thailand, and the surrounds.

Photo by Will – Asia and Beyond

Mitch Cox

Young Australian Mitch Cox has converted many vans. He is not only an expert in van conversions, but also an expert in photography. Follow Mitch for great shots and inspiration for your van life.

Photo by: Mitch Cox

The Drone DC

Creator of the surfing whale video, this account shares incredible aerial footage of Australian Coast.

Photo by The Drone DC

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia

An account that merges the best photos of many different photographers. They also credit their photos! If you want some inspiration on where to go in South East Asia, this is your account to follow.

Photo by youknowcyc

Go Troopy

David Benson’s shots of the Middle East are breathtaking.

Photo by David Benson


Last but not least, Europe! Some of the travellers I have already mentioned have many great shots and videos from this continent. Eamon and Bec, Expedition Earth, and Kombilifeadventures to name a few.

Fica Crew

The green adventure machine driven by a Bosnian couple is the best accessory to any photo. Follow these guys for non-stop adventures, despite the pandemic. They have a talent for creating trips out of the smallest of inspiration.

Photo by the Fica Crew

A on the Road

Alex Zouaghi, award winning Travel Influencer won that award for a reason. His shots are beautifully composed, with amazing pops of colour. Based in London, he has some quintessential European shots.

Photo by Alex Zouaghi

Freelance Amy

Amy Nicholson is a freelance marketing consultant who works remotely from her self-converted van. She has been travelling Europe, and is currently in the UK. She is definitely worth a follow, and is constantly creating new content.

Photo by Freelance Amy


Anastasia Gruzdeva is from Yakutia, Russia. A place where winter sees -45 degrees and your eyelashes freeze. During the summer/spring months the content is not as exciting, but it is worth it for those long Siberian winters.

Photo by Anastasia Gruzdeva

Travel Beasts

Reece travelled the Pan-American Highway from 2016-2018. He now is driving around the UK in his newly converted Land Cruiser. Take a peek at his latest adventure.

Photo by Travel Beasts

I hope you enjoyed my favourite travel instagrams. Stay tuned for my next posts to come on other travel related inspiration that can be done from the comfort of your bed.