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1. Bronte Bogey Hole + Baths

The bogey hole is so natural. Perfect for wading, floating about and snorkelling. Even when the surf gets rough, the bogey hole is always safe to play in. The nearby baths are also beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset.

2. Mahon Pool

Wow. A great ocean pool nestled at the base of scenic cliffs. One of the most convenient to reach too, next to a free carpark and great facilities. Can’t fault it.

3. North Curl Curl Rockpool

Feeling like a paradise completely outside of Sydney. North Curl Curl is calm, relaxed and charming. Getting there requires walking through the rocks and water at low tide or through a small track.

4. Mona Vale Rockpool

North Sydney really spoils you. A completely different feel to the Eastern Suburbs. Laid-back, and untouched. This rock pool is no exception. Sparkling clear waters, and out in the middle of a rock ledge.

5. Wylie’s Baths

This may be a controversial choice, as Wylie’s Baths isn’t a free option. Paying to enjoy the ocean seems wrong, especially in Australia, but I really enjoyed my stay. Everything is very well maintained and beautiful. The sting of paying $5.50 is quickly forgotten. Mind the sea urchins that live inside.

6. Murray Rose (Redleaf)

One of the only ocean pools on this list with sand, Redleaf is trendy. Full of young, good looking people listening to music and sipping on beverages. The wooden pontoon is great for sun-baking on, and jumping into the cool water.

7. Bondi Icebergs

Iconic. What’s a list of Sydney ocean pools if Bondi doesn’t make it? Another pool that requires an entry fee, a steep $9. However, it’s pretty great to enjoy for free from above. Whether you’re doing the Bondi to Bronte walk or having a drink at Bondi Icebergs.

8. Fairlight Tidal Swimming Pool

The pool is a dream, the beach is gorgeous. There’s grass, sand and rocks for whatever takes your fancy to lie on. If you want to snorkel, jump into the ocean by the pool. If you’d prefer not to see sea critters or seaweed, stick to the pool. The view here is breathtaking. There’s just one downside to this pool, there’s not much parking, and you may need to move your car after two hours.

9. South Curl Curl Rockpool

Great for all ages, this pool has areas to swim laps, wade, and sit. Pick a spot on the rock cliffs to while away the hours, and listen to the waves crash onto the shore. You won’t be bothered at all. What a treat.

10. Fairy Bower Sea Pool

Picturesque and pint-sized. In between Shelley and Manly Beach, this small ocean pool makes up for its size with its looks. Another pool that’s next to a great snorkelling place. Come on a weekday or early to avoid feeling crowded.

Honourable mention

One of the pools with the best view is Maccallum Seawater Pool. It’s not top on my list because of the small size. It can get hard to find a spot to sit, and the water can get a bit…manky. On a quiet day it’s great.

Maccallum Seawater Pool