Temuco is a large town in the south of Chile, and from here and further south is where Mapuche territory is still standing strong. Mapuches are one of the many native people of Chile. They are the largest group still surviving, and were never defeated by the Incas or the Spanish Conquistadors. This strength of character and rich culture can be really felt here. There is a mix of modern shining malls and steer drawn carts, a mix of large supermarkets and fresh marketplaces. Temuco is an interesting town, with an even more interesting history.

Main things to do in Temuco:

  1. Definitely visit nearby Parque Conguillío – see the link for more information on this park and how to get there
  2. Visit the large market of seafood and fresh produce – a beautiful experience with great & cheap eats
  3. Experience Mapuche Culture
  4. Cerro Ñielol – a natural monument of Chile that has views of the town, and is great for an easy day walk

Food to try in Temuco

A traditional cart of cochayuyo being pulled along by a steer
  1. Sopaipillas – a fried dough that is great comfort food, small street vendors sell them hot from their stalls
  2. Ceviche – amazingly fresh seafood that is ‘cooked’ in citrus juice
  3. Cochayuyo – a dried seaweed that is an acquired taste, but worth a try. You can see many carts with towering piles of cochayuyo, being drawn traditionally by steers
  4. Cazuela – a delicious stew that can be cooked with various types of meat, a southern staple
  5. Buy some fresh produce at the market to eat, they have great deals on fresh avocado, fish + more. Perfect for those who are travelling on a budget.