Santiago is a large metropolitan centre filled with millions of Santiaguinos. However, if you love being surrounded by nature, there are still places in and around Santiago to enjoy.

My top picks

  1. Cerro Pochoco – near Metro Station Manquehue. Easier to get to if you have private transport. A great hike that boasts views of the Andes & Santiago
  2. Cerro Santa Lucia – a peaceful inner city park, with great views
  3. Cerro San Cristobal – a large hill with lots of different places to see. It has a zoo, gardens, a large Virgin Mary & great views. Warning, some people have been robbed walking up the hill alone
  4. Parque Bicentenario – a new park in the more upper class neighbourhood of Santiago. Very safe & green, with a koi fish pond, swans & flamingos.
  5. Yerba Loca – nearby nature reserve
  6. Quinta Normal – a large park with a lake that you can paddle boat in
  7. Parque Forestal (near Museo Bellas Artes) – a very metropolitan park, but a nice leafy place to relax in during the afternoon