We decided to see Lake Titicaca on the Copacabana side, in Bolivia. It is a cute, small town with a view of a lake that is like an ocean.

Have a cocktail overlooking this amazing view in town before catching a ferry to the Isla del Sol.

We arrived to Lake Titicaca by bus from La Paz, a scenic journey that also involves a fun barge ride across a river. You have to get off the bus to cross, as it can only carry the weight of an empty bus. It’s fun to sit and wait, and watch as your bus travels across the river on a barely held together barge.

We decided against seeing the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, as we heard it is a bit oversaturated with tourists.

Isla del Sol, Island of the Sun in english, is a picturesque island near Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. There are Incan ruins on this Island, a spring believed to prolong youth & a sacred rock thought to be the birth place of the first Incas.

The views, people, food & village here are worth visiting themselves. You will definitely enjoy your visit here. Have a pisco sour overlooking the lake & enjoy a sunset. It is a place for relaxing.

There are few amenities on the island, but you can treat yourself to a hotel with a view (for a low price). Do not expect any phone service.

Isla del Sol, one of the lookouts