Futaleufú is a hidden gem in the south of Chile. A truly pristine part of the world that is hard to get to, but worth your efforts. Situated on the border of Chile and Argentina, this small town is accessible by air, land and sea. It is within a national reserve, and surrounded by natural beauty. 

This town is ideal for hikers, white water rafters and people who enjoy quiet picturesque scenery. 

Things to do

  • Piedra de Águila
  • Pozon de los Reyes hike
  • Lago Espolón
  • Rafting on Futaleufú River
  • Laguna Espejo Overlook Loop
  • Laguna Espejo
  • Road trip around Futaleufú, full of mint green rivers, lakes and near Volcano Chaitén
  • Nearby Lago Yelcho and Río Palena are worth a visit 

Things to think about

You cannot bring fresh produce between borders of Argentina and Chile.

Food in Futaleufú is more expensive due to the difficulties with transporting products to such an isolated town. 

How to get there


Buenos Aires → Esquel, take a bus from Esquel, Argentina to cross border into Chile

Puerto Montt → Chaitén, bus to Futaleufú 


It is difficult to reach Futaelufú by land due to the multiple lakes and rivers separating Futaleufú from major cities in Chile. 

You must cross into Argentina, and then enter back into Chile via Trevelin. You can catch a bus from Puerto Montt directly to Futaleufú, which will include all the border crossings. 

Private transport – make a road trip out of it and cross at Osorno-San Carlos de Bariloche, and head south to Esquel-Trevelin. From there you can enter Futaleufú. 


Puerto Montt to Chaitén by ferry, and then a bus from Chaitén. You can also catch a ferry from the island of Chiloé to Chaitén. These options include vehicle transport, if you want to either use a bus or private vehicle.