Western Australia (WA) is one of my favourite regions of Australia. It is untouched and there are very few people inhabiting this large state.

WA is hard to get to, but for those who make it there, it is worth the effort. Western Australia is a road trippers dream – kilometres and kilometres of untouched coastline. If you’re a surfer, you have found your haven.

Southern WA has the state’s capital – Perth, the heavenly region of Margaret River, forests and white beaches. Central WA is for the road trippers with unknown beaches, red cliffs, wildlife and the outback.

Gems to see in Southern WA

  • Perth & Freemantle – the capital of WA, a fun town with restaurants, pubs, and city side beaches such as Cottesloe Beach
  • Margaret River – wineries, beaches and surfers – a true haven. Sunsets here are magnificent
  • Rottnest Island – an island off Perth inhabited by small friendly quokkas
  • Albany – feels like the edge of the world surrounded by clear blue waters to the horizon
  • Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk – walk on the top of trees in southern WA
Valley of the Giants Tree top walk

Central WA – what to see

Nature’s Lookout inland of Geraldton
  1. Monkey Mia – where dolphins swim to the shore
  2. Road trip the coast Perth to Monkey Mia – scenic views will join you the whole way
  3. Kalbarri & the crayfish caught here
  4. Red Bluff – amazing red cliffs overlooking turquoise waters
  5. Nature’s Lookout – a cool rock formation inland of Geraldton. Pack water and expect heat (in Summer it was nearly 50 degrees)!
  6. Beaches – too many to list, but every beach on the coast here is worth a visit