Carelmapu is in the south of Chile, in between Puerto Montt & the island of Chiloé. It is a beautiful spot, with views of the island Chiloé and Pacific Ocean. It is also a great place for surfers, and people who want to learn to surf.

Costs & Details

Carelmapu Surf is run by a Chilean couple who provide a bed & breakfast + surf classes. They charge $15.000 chilean pesos ($30 AUD) a night including breakfast, and ocean views. Surf classes cost about $20.000 chilean pesos ($40 AUD), it includes all equipment and knowledge of great surf places.


It was a super fun & beautiful experience. I am a strong swimmer, but a beginner surfer and it was great to try surfing in Chile. The water here is super cold due to Antarctic water brought up by the Humboldt current. They provide you with great wetsuits, but be prepared for very cold water. Don’t try this if you aren’t used to swimming in the sea though.